Refinishing vs. Refacing

Cabinet refacing is also a more convenient, safer, timelier alternative to cabinet “refinishing,” a process we don’t do and do not recommend.

  • If you decide against totally replacing your cabinetry and the cabinet “carcasses” are structurally sound, then cabinet “refacing” may be the right option for you.


  • Refacing can save you 30% – 50% compared to the price of total cabinet replacement and most jobs are completed within three days.


  • Refacing is the process of installing new veneers on the exterior of the existing carcasses and replacing the doors, drawer fronts and molding.

Advantages of Cabinet Refacing

Affordable Costs

Cost less than refinishing or new cabinetry


Completed in Days (not weeks or months)


All finishing done off-site in our factory


No harsh chemicals used in your home


Doors, drawer fronts


soft-close hinge hardware


Drawer boxes with full extension (soft-close slides, optional)


Handle hardware



Frequently Asked Questions

We have a few drawers that don't work properly, can they be fixed or replaced?

Absolutely! Whether it is one drawer or all the drawers in your kitchen, we can get them all in working order. The new drawer boxes will include brand new 100% extension, ball-bearing slides. The best part about replacing the drawer box is that your new drawers will come standard with a “soft-close” feature that will close your drawers softly and quietly every time.

How long does it take to reface a common-sized kitchen?

On average it only takes about 3 days. Some jobs, like bathroom vanities, can be completed in as little as four hours!

We would like to replace our contertop. How does that affect refacing the cabinetry?

It doesn’t affect the cabinet refacing at all. However, we do recommend that the new countertop be installed before the cabinets are refaced. This way, when we reface your cabinets, we can fix any cabinet damage that may have occurred when the countertop was installed.

We love our countertop and do not intend to replace it. How does that affect refacing the cabinetry?

That’s perfect…it won’t affect the refacing of your cabinets at all. We’ll work with the existing countertop and three days after we start, you’ll have what looks to be a brand new kitchen.

Some of our cabinets have structural damage; can that be fixed?

Yes, but it depends on the nature of the damage. If the cost of the repairs exceeds the price of a new cabinet, we will recommend replacing that cabinet instead.

Can you reface other cabinets outside kitchen and bathroom cabinetry?

Definitely! We can reface nearly any cabinetry regardless where they may be located. Cabinetry is our craft and we are comfortable refacing cabinets anywhere it could help beautify your home.

We would like to have an island installed in our kitchen from new cabinetry, but we would like to save money by refacing the rest of the kitchen to that possible?

Of course, this is a great way to save money! Our expert designers will come in and help you design the kitchen island that you are looking for. We will also ensure that the cabinet refacing is consistent with the new cabinetry so it looks like the island was always meant to be there…no one will ever know.

How long will refacing last?

Several factors play a role in how long your refacing will last: temperature, humidity, and general wear and tear are all common considerations. However, as a general rule, the underlying cabinetry will probably deteriorate before the refacing will. Refacing should add a minimum of 7 to 10 years of life to your cabinetry, and in many instances we’ve seen it add more.

Do you refinish cabinets?

No. We’ve found that most of the refinishing jobs we’ve seen end up chipping or peeling over a short period of time. The cost of trying to save your existing doors and drawer fronts by stripping them and applying a new finish usually costs more than they’re worth. Not to mention that cabinet refinishing is a messy process that uses harsh chemicals in your home.

Home Measure

Our specially trained Measure Techs will meet you at your home to gather all the technical information we need for generating designs and pricing for your project.

Design Review

After reviewing all the technical data collected by the Measure Tech, your dedicated project manager and design expert will meet with you to go over your designs and pricing options.

Detail Selections

After settling on the perfect design, it’s time to have fun selecting all the little details that make your project unique. From door styles, to wood species, finish color & handle hardware, there’s lots to think about, and we’re here to help.

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