Let’s make your dream kitchen a reality.

At WE Kitchens®, we’ve redefined how easy and affordable it can be to design, order, and install new top-quality cabinets or reface existing ones. We don’t attempt to make the process more complex than it really is. As the experts in kitchen improvements, we are eager to share our knowledge and experience with you in order to help you create the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

  • Our cabinet philosophy is simple-we use only our own locally manufactured cabinets made from the highest quality materials.


  • Plus, since we manufacture locally, we can ensure that your cabinets are built in a way that is easy to install if you wish to do-it-yourself.


  • As you decide which cabinets are right for you and your living space, there are really only a few simple options to consider.

Types of Cabinets


Tall Cabinets

Tall cabinets are typically around 7-to-8 feet in height, 12-to-24 inches in depth, and sit on the floor. With many different configurations to choose from, tall cabinets are optimal for efficient space use.


Wall Cabinets

Wall cabinets are designed to attach to walls, typically 18″ above your countertop. You can customize your wall cabinets to have doors, no doors, or doors with inset decorative glass. Pretty simple right?


Base Cabinets

Base cabinets rest on the floor, underneath your countertop. You can customize your base cabinets to have any combination of doors, drawers, and rollouts (drawers behind doors).

Standard Features

The following features are standard on all of WE Kitchens® exceptional cabinets:

1. Soft Closing, Concealed Door Hinges

We use the best hinge hardware in the industry as a standard feature on all of our cabinet doors. The hinges are fully concealed, and with their soft-close feature, they close smooth and quiet.

3. Adjustable Leg Levelers

As flat as that kitchen floor may look, it may not be so perfect; we have the solution. Continuing our commitment to using only the best hardware, we offer high quality adjustable leg levelers that ensure cabinets are secure and level. Plus, these anti-corrosion supports will keep your cabinets “High & Dry” if you ever have a water leak in your home.

5. Full-Depth Base Cabinet Shelving

When you pay for a cabinet that is 24″ deep, we believe it only makes sense for the shelving to be 24″ deep as well. Most manufactures don’t have this belief and try to skate by with only 12″ shelving. WE Kitchens®, however, gives you full-depth base shelving as a standard feature.

7. 3/4" Thick Shelves & Cabinet Components

At WE Kitchens® we use the best materials available to give you a quality cabinet. All of our cabinet components, including shelving are a full 3/4″ thick and are made from industrial grade material. In addition, all the shelving is fully adjustable to any position inside of the cabinets, maximizing storage space.

9. Standard Handle Hardware (No Extra Charge!)

Just when you think you’re done spending money buying cabinetry, the other guys will hit you with extra charges for items like handles. When you purchase from WE Kitchens, you have your choice of standard hardware available in several finishes for free. If, by chance, these finishes don’t appeal to you, then you can choose from thousands of additional options to order you that “something special”.

2. Soft Closing, 100% Extension, Concealed Drawer Slides

You’ll barely hear these drawers closing, and with the slides concealed on the underside of the drawer box, you won’t see them either. The 100% extension slides allow the drawer to open fully and they even come standard with a soft-close feature that stops them from slamming closed.

4. Extra Deep Drawers (with full height boxes)

Have you ever opened up what you thought should have been a tall drawer to find that ithe drawer box was only 4″ in height on the inside? This is not a problem with our drawers, as they are nearly as tall as the drawer face-no unpleasand surprises.

6. Full Overlay Doors and Drawers

Our frameless cabinet with full overlay doors and drawers gives you the best access to your cabinetry, eliminating space-robbing face frames. Plus, our full overlay cabinetry looks clean and neat when the doors and drawers meet without the face frame showing.

8. Several Wood Species to Choose From

We want your cabinets to be exactly what you want. The only way to do this is to give you plenty of options. WE Kitchens® gives you the option of selecting from several building materials and wood species so your cabinets turn out exactly as you want them to.

10. Light Rail Molding (No Extra Charge!)

Its all in the details. WE Kitchens provides, at no additional charge, light rail molding for every wall cabinet above countertops. Why do we do this? Most home owners want under-cabinet lighting over their work surfaces so we prepare for that lighting so you have the illumination you desire without having to look at any unsightly light fixtures.


Home Measure

Our specially trained Measure Techs will meet you at your home to gather all the technical information we need for generating designs and pricing for your project.

Design Review

After reviewing all the technical data collected by the Measure Tech, your dedicated project manager and design expert will meet with you to go over your designs and pricing options.

Detail Selections

After settling on the perfect design, it’s time to have fun selecting all the little details that make your project unique. From door styles, to wood species, finish color & handle hardware, there’s lots to think about, and we’re here to help.

FREE – No Obligation Home Measure