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If you decide against totally replacing your cabinetry, and the cabinet "carcasses" are structurally sound, then cabinet "refacing" may be the right option for you. Refacing is the process of installing new veneers on the exterior of the existing carcasses and replacing the doors, drawer fronts and molding. Refacing can save you 30% - 50% compared to the price of total cabinet replacement and most jobs are completed within three days.

Cabient refacing is also a more convenient, safer, timelier alternative to cabinet "refinishing," a process we don't do and do not recommend. Refinishing your cabinets requires the use of toxic chemicals to strip your existing finishes. The intrusive process also requires sanding and painting inside of your home, which can be extremely messy and lengthy, taking days between each step.

As long as your cabinet carcasses are structurally in good condition, and you are happy with the overall layout of your exisiing cabinetry, refacing is the right choice for you. Cabinet refacing is an affordable, safe and non-messy option to give your living space a new aesthetic shine in only a few days.

Refinishing vs. Refacing

Step 1

After discarding old drawer fronts and doors we carefully clean, degrease and prepare cabinet carcasses

Step 2

Then our expert team installs new prefinished cabinet veneers to the outside of the cabinetry.

Step 3

Next, we apply new molding and toe-kicks.

Step 4

The final step is the skillful installation of new doors, drawer fronts (new drawer boxes & drawer slides too if needed) and handle hardware.

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